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the Establishment is Soweto’s newest culinary upmarket, urban upbeat cocktail lounge, come experience  a restaurant that wants to be known for its offering of a brilliant and unexpected mix of South African cuisine, art, local fashion and musical entertainment artistry with a lot of western influences, stunning design and an unforgettable experience that will leave you coming back for more.

The beautiful 1000 square metre space will offer guests a wildly creative and comforting approach to South African cuisine infused with an urban approach to entertainment in collaboration with some of the leading brands in the country in the musical sphere, art and fashion spectrum all complimented with a perfect array of meals which are sustainable, farm-fresh straight to table and have unique seasonal ingredient elements.

Paired with an extraordinary entertainment program that brings you the patron an urban upscale living to the township and our unique approach on ensuring we become a leader in the industry, we have created some masterfully handcrafted cocktails, that have a lot of world appeal with major focus on using locally available ingredients and products, the.Establishment provides one of the best new dining and nightlife atmospheres in Soweto.

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Place your orders with the Establishment for fine foods delivered to your door. You can also pick up at Spruitview, Diepkloof and Alexandra Restaurants. Take a peek at our online menu at: #vosloorus #Diepkloof #Spruitview #Alexandra #OnlineFood #TakeAways #theEstablishment

Posted by The.Establishment on Thursday, May 21, 2020

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